«Imperial Russia» train Moscow — Vladivostok

«Imperial Russia» train Moscow — Vladivostok. Enjoy lifetime journey on private train crossing all Russia, 14 days trip with stops at the main Russian cities on the way.


Moscow – Kazan – Yekaterinburg – Novosibirsk – Irkutsk – Lake Baikal – Ulan Ude – Khabarovsk - Vladivostok


Tour dates:

24 MAY – 06 JUNE 2019

21 JULY – 03 AUGUST 2019




Tour Description

24 MAY / JUL 21


·  Welcome to Moscow. Transfer from airport to a hotel

·  Accommodation in a standard room

25 MAY / JUL 22



·  Breakfast at the Hotel

·  Grand City Tour.

·  Lunch  in a restaurant.

·  Visit to the Moscow Kremlin which is a symbol of the Russian State, one of the greatest architectural complexes in the world, a treasure house of magnificent relics and monuments of art.

·  Walk along the Arbat Street. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Sightseeing tour of Moscow metro stations.

·  Welcome to the «Imperial Russia» Train

·  Dinner

Depart Moscow

26 MAY / JUL 23



·  Breakfast on board

·  Arriving to Kazan Railway Station

·  Grand City Tour «Old Kazan». The Tatar capital is situated on the picturesque banks of the Volga.

·  Within folklore program “Tugan Avalim” you will enjoy Tartar epic.

·  Kazan sightseeing (Kremlin)

·  Lunch including a master class revealing the secret of Tartar Cuisine.

·  Depart Kazan

·  Dinner on board

27 MAY / JUL 24



·  Breakfast on board

·  Train arrives in Yekaterinburg railway station

·  City Tour dedicated to the Last Days of Last Russian Tsar. As part of the excursion you will see the Church on Blood erected to commemorate a tragic historical event, the orthodox monastery with temples that are considered to be pearls of Russian construction

·  Lunch

·  You will visit the memorial built at the boundary of two continents (the Europe and Asia)

·  Depart Ekaterinburg

·  Dinner on board

28 MAY / JUL 25



·  Breakfast on board

·  Train arrives in Novosibirsk

·  Lunch

·  You will reach a region with great history and unique Siberian architectural monuments and nature.

·  Sightseeing tour.

·  Dinner

 Depart Novosibirsk

29 MAY / JUL 26


On board

·  On board of “Imperial Russia” Train

·  Enjoy activities on board

·  Meals on board

30 MAY / JUL 27



·  Breakfast on board

·  Train arrives at Irkutsk railway station

·  Tour to the historical city center including a visit to the Decembrist House.

·  Lunch at a city restaurant

·  Visit to the Ethnographical museum Taltsy which is located in a picturesque place on the right bank of the Angara river

·  Free time at the “130 quarter” – “Irkutskaya Sloboda”, a quarter with reconstructed city buildings of the 19-20 c.

·  Dinner in a restaurant

·  Depart Irkutsk

31 MAY / JUL 28



·  Breakfast on board

·  Arrival in port Baikal

·  Boat to Listvyanka

·  Platform observation, Chersky Stone observation point with beautiful view on the southern part of the lake and the source of the Angara River is one of the most favorite places for tourists and photographers.

·  Visit to Baikal Museum which displays the flora and fauna of the lake.

·  Listvyanka sightseeing

·  Lunch

·  Visit to local fish and souvenir market.

·  Return to port Baikal

·  Dinner in the form of a picnic on the shore of the lake

01 JUNE / JUL 29



·  Breakfast on board

·  Arriving to Ulan-Ude

·  Ethnic and cultural diversity of this area offers a unique understanding of its heritage of the world's religions. Visit to Datsan.

·  Traditional local welcome. Excursion program, reception in a traditional Buryat Yurt and a folklore program. Hospitable Buryats will teach you how to cook the traditional Buryat dish pozy, how to play dice, use a bow, wear a traditional Buryat costume, assemble and disassemble a felt yurt.

·  Depart Ulan-Ude.

·  Dinner onboard.

02 JUNE / JUL 30



·  Enjoy activities onboard

03 JUNE / JUL 31


·  Enjoy activities onboard.

04 JUNE / AUG 01



·  Breakfast onboard

·  Arrive Khabarovsk

·  Sightseeing tour of the city including visit to the Museum of the Regional Studies.

·  Lunch in a restaurant

·  Boat trip on the river with a folk concert

·  Master class on matreshka painting.

·  Dinner in a restaurant

·  Departure from Khabarovsk

05 JUNE / AUG 02


·  Arrival in Vladivostok

·  City tour around Vladivostok including main attractions of the city.

·  Lunch in a restaurant

·  Excursion to Russky Island.

·  Transfer to a hotel

·  Dinner in a restaurant

06 JUNE / AUG 03


·  Breakfast in the hotel

·  End of trip, transfer to from Hotel to the Airport