«Imperial Russia» train (Moscow — Beijing)

«Imperial Russia» train (Moscow — Beijing). Travel on the comfortable train through 3 countries: Russia, Mongolia and China, get to know the famous Trans-Siberian route


Moscow – Kazan – Yekaterinburg – Novosibirsk – Irkutsk – Lake Baikal – Ulan Ude – Ulan Bataar - Beijing


Tour dates: 23 JUNE - 07 JULY 2019

                        18 AUGUST – 01 SEPTEMBER 2019



Tour Description

JUNE 23 / 18 AUG


·  Welcome to Moscow. Transfer from airport to a hotel

·  Accommodation in a standard room

JUNE 24 / 19 AUG



·  Breakfast at the Hotel

·  Grand City Tour

·  Lunch 

·  Visit to the Moscow Kremlin

·  Walk along the Arbat Street. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Sightseeing tour of Moscow metro stations.

·  Dinner

·  Welcome to the «Imperial Russia» Train

·  Depart Moscow

JUNE 25 / 20 AUG



·  Breakfast on board

·  Arriving to Kazan Railway Station

·  Grand City Tour «Old Kazan». The Tatar capital is situated on the picturesque banks of the Volga.

·  Within folklore program “Tugan Avalim” you will enjoy Tartar epic.

·  Kazan sightseeing (Kremlin)

·  Lunch including a master class revealing the secret of Tartar Cuisine

·  Depart Kazan

·  Dinner on board

JUNE 26 / 21 AUG



·  Breakfast on board

·  Train arrives in Yekaterinburg railway station

·  City Tour dedicated to the Last Days of Last Russian Tsar. As part of the excursion you will see the Church on Blood erected to commemorate a tragic historical event, the orthodox monastery with temples that are considered to be pearls of Russian construction

·  Lunch

·  You will visit the memorial built at the boundary of two continents (the Europe and Asia)

·  Depart Ekaterinburg

·  Dinner on board

JUNE 27 / 22 AUG



·  Breakfast on board

·  Train arrives in Novosibirsk

·  Lunch

·  Sightseeing tour: Railway museum, Ballet and Opera House, ancient streets,  Ob river esplanade

·  City tour continued

·  Dinner

·  Depart Novosibirsk

JUNE 28 / 23 AUG


On board

·  On board of “Imperial Russia” Train

·  Enjoy activities on board

·  Meals on board

JUNE 29 / 24 AUG



·  Breakfast on board

·  Train arrives at Irkutsk railway station

·  Tour to the historical city center including a visit to the Decembrist House.

·  Lunch at a city restaurant

·  Visit to the Ethnographical museum Taltsy which is located in a picturesque place on the right bank of the Angara river

·  Free time at the “130 quarter” – “Irkutskaya Sloboda”, a quarter with reconstructed city buildings of the 19-20 c.

·  Dinner in a restaurant

·  Depart Irkutsk

JUNE 30 / 25 AUG



·  Breakfast on board

·  Arrival in port Baikal

·  Boat to Listvyanka

·  Visit to Baikal Museum which displays the flora and fauna of the lake.

·  Listvyanka sightseeing

·  Lunch

·  Visit to local fish and souvenir market.

·  Return to port Baikal

·  Dinner in the form of a picnic on the shore of the lake

JUNE 01 / 26 AUG



·  Breakfast on board

·  Arriving to Ulan-Ude

·  Visit to Datsan.

·  Traditional local welcome. Excursion program, reception in a traditional Buryat Yurt and a folklore program. Hospitable Buryats will teach you how to cook the traditional Buryat dish pozy, how to play dice, use a bow, wear a traditional Buryat costume, assemble and disassemble a felt yurt.

·  Depart Ulan-Ude

·  Dinner on board

JUNE 02 / 27 AUG


Ulan Bataar

·  Arriving to Ulan Bator

·  Breakfast

·  Visit main square and Zaisan

·  Transfer to Terelj National Park. Arrive to the Camp. Upon arrival to the camp.

·  Lunch at the yurt camp

·  After lunch the excursion to the turtle rock and enjoy beautiful scenery of the surrounding area. Hiking tour to the top of overlooking hill to have a general view of the Terelj National Park.

·  You will visit a nomadic family and get introduced to the authentic lifestyle and culture of Mongolian nomads and try traditional dairy food.

·  Dinner

·  Accommodation in Yurts

JUNE 03 / 28 AUG

Ulan Bataar

·  Breakfast at the camp

·  Transfer to Ulaanbaatar

·  Visit Gandan monastery and the Museum of National History and Bogd Khaan winter palace museum.

·  Lunch Mongolian BBQ

·  Folk show

·  Depart Ulan-Baatar

·  Dinner on board

JUNE 04 / 29 AUG



·  Change for Chinese train

·  Lunch and dinner

JUNE 05 / 30 AUG


·  Breakfast

·  Train arrives in Beijing.

·  Visiting Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden city.

·  Lunch

·  Accommodation in a hotel

·  Dinner at the Restaurant (traditional Beijing duck)

JUNE 06 / 31 AUG



·  Breakfast at the Hotel

·  Visiting of the Great Chinese Wall

·  Lunch

·  Visiting the Summer Palace

·  Dinner

JUNE 07 / 01 SEP



·  End of trip, transfer to from Hotel to the Airport